You have a big vision and
dream for your business
You want to make a
big impact in the world
You’re tired of playing small and
just having an ‘average’ business

You want Extraordinary!

You’re absolutely brilliant at what you do (even if your business results don’t always reflect that) and you know what you do makes a HUGE difference in the lives of those you work with


It’s time to dream BIG

To put your BIG MESSAGE out into the world and create a business that consistently attracts your soul-inspired, dream clients


Extraordinary growth can
be yours.
All it takes is



Bringing all the pieces of your business together in a holistic dance of your soul – your purpose – and your expertise


Nourish and nurture your talents and gifts by bringing them together in the best way possible, from your money to your marketing!


Energetically infuse your business with your higher inspired vision and purpose for a message that goes beyond going through the actions


BELIEVE in your vision

BELIEVE in your purpose

BELIEVE in your heart

Own it!

Allow it!
Achieve it!

The time is now.

YOUR time is now!

Will you answer the call that’s
been in your heart for so long?

If you’re ready to create a powerful business using your natural talents and abilities with ease and flow, join me on a journey of unlocking extraordinary growth working with dream clients that fulfills your true, authentic purpose




Tanya Lochner is an Intuitive Business Strategist & Success Coach using her more than two decades experience in the business & finance world to help expert coaches, mentors and advisors to create a consistent 6-figure income & impact while aligning to their higher vision and purpose.


She infuses a unique style of business coaching and connecting higher guidance to align you and your business to its full potential. 

Mom to three human and four fur kids, she lives in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa where she loves drinking tea, playing with horses and spending time with her family outdoors.

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Tanya is a powerful coach and has the ability to channel higher guidance and made a huge difference for me in my thinking and vision for my business. I closed a new client right after our session!

Devorah Spilman

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