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You are an established business owner who absolutely loves what you do - helping people reach their goals in business, life or health.

There’s just one problem! Every month you have to hustle and grind to make your business keep working, worrying about keeping it successful and how you’ll ever get it consistent enough so you can move on to that next level of expansion and growth.

Perhaps it’s a new service or product, heck, it’s probably a ton of new ideas that you just can’t get around to because you’re so busy running your business to stay above the break even line…

You’re already doing what you love but want to focus more on what you enjoy doing with the peace of mind that your business is thriving and your clients are taken care of to the highest level they deserve.

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Then it’s time to get into alignment with the bigger purpose of why you started this business and being able to do what you do best - spending your time in front of your dream clients rather than having to focus on the day-to-day running of your biz

If you’ve been running a niche advising, coaching or creative business and have hit an income ceiling, or simply want to create more sustainable income doing more of what you love - it’s time to design your business to run more effectively and efficiently so that you can focus on what you truly do love and do best!

As an Intuitive Business Strategist & Success Coach, I’ve spent the last 18 years helping entrepreneurs align their legacy and structure it optimally for peace of mind. The one thing that always stood out was that they didn’t have someone who could bring it all together from a higher perspective and help them align their business to their unique way of being. There simply wasn’t a formula that gave them the clarity and guidance to help them create the consistent results they were desiring.

Have you tried it all? Coaches, programs and even fortune tellers to find that ‘one thing’ that will give you the breakthrough and relief of having a consistently successful business?


As an Intuitive Business Strategist & Success Coach, I’ve spent the last 18 years helping entrepreneurs align their legacy and structure it optimally for peace of mind.

As entrepreneurs, we all desire to do work that matters, something we feel passionate about and are able to do ALL of the time. But the distractions of business and formulas and time, can make you feel drained and defeated more times than you’d like to admit.

So if you're feeling...
  • Overwhelmed and burned out trading hours for services you don’t get sufficiently paid for
  • Inspired with a ton of ideas for your business, but no time to implement (or simply don’t know where to start with it all)
  • Frustrated with wanting to move your business forward but getting caught up in the day-to-day running of your biz to keep you afloat

It’s time to change tactics….


Imagine having a clear direction and a system that takes all the daily stress and worry out of your business and enables you to work the way YOU desire - not at the mercy of clients and cashflow but rather from that energetically aligned and inspiring place

What if your business supported a service to the world that’s so powerful and life-changing that you could sell it with confidence without all the hustle and grind

Now imagine having a dedicated strategist to help you map out an aligned strategy for the higher vision and purpose of your business that creates consistent income with ease and flow.

If you’re ready to create a business that creates business on repeat and enables you to focus on what you do best, delights your clients and frees up your time -  join me for the 5-hour Business Alignment VIP Day.

What we'll cover
  • Identify your unique business style
  • Re-connect to the higher vision and purpose of your business
  • Find those soul-aligned clients you are meant to work with
  • Aligning your signature offer/package (with a step by step launch plan)
  • How to make money magic happen (without having to be an accountant!)
  • Clear steps to streamline your business so that you can focus on what you do best

Tanya Lochner
Business Strategist
& Success Coach

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Tanya Lochner is an Intuitive Business Strategist & Success Coach using her two decades in the business and finance world to help expert coaches, advisors and creatives to create a consistent 6-figure income while aligning to their higher vision and purpose.


She gained her degree in Industrial & Organisational Psychology and holds a postgraduate diploma in financial planning law. She has since created three of her own businesses on and offline. She now infuses a unique style of business coaching and connecting higher guidance to align you and your business to its full potential. 


Tanya has helped dozens of entrepreneurs globally launch and grow their businesses while being mom to three human and four fur kids in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa. She loves dancing, drinking tea and frolicking with horses on her time off.

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