$100 per month

(Founding members price)

3 x 60 min Mastermind Group Calls every month
(come prepared with what you’re working on/goals/struggles/wins)

Bonus: 90 Min Implementation Session once a month

(bring a piece of work that you have to get done and let's each focus on getting in done in that time together (laser focused productivity session))

60 min Private Intuitive Business Strategy session
when joining and each time you refer someone (can be used any time)

Themed Training every week
(built around group requests) - First topic = How to get leads from LinkedIn!

Business Intensive once a month

Hot seat coaching for 1 person, randomly chosen and recorded so the group can learn

Private FB group for sound boarding, accountability & support

When the group hits 10 members you’ll get an accountability partner that checks in with you every week

Special discounts to any paid programs I run


Connection       Community       Support

This is not your average Mastermind!

In our community we'll be sharing and practicing how to:


•    Use the power of your intuition in business


•    Create an aligned, effective & successful business model


•    Tune into our aligned ideal clients AFTER knowing who we are first 


•    Aligning our offers to our clients in a way that feels really good and
     gets them results


•    Expand our leadership skills to boldly start living our best lives with
     high vibrational money and business building strategy

•    Nurture and grow an abundant and expansive mindset to reach our
     full potential in business and life!

What others say about connecting with Tanya

Tanya is a powerful coach and has the ability to channel higher guidance and made a huge difference for me in my thinking and vision for my business. I closed a new client right after our session!

Devorah Spilman

Tanya provides feedback & suggestions that deeply resonates with me. I  feel she really 'gets' me & what I'm wanting to achieve. My passion & enthusiasm can create a big mountain of overwhelm and Tanya helps to channel it!

Kerry Magnus

Tanya believed in me and my vision which helped tremendously. She helped me focus my efforts on the right things to do to grow my business. I honestly believe the progress I made while working together would have taken me years on my own.

Kristin Dillensnyder

Tanya has this very rare mix of grounded business knowledge coupled with her impressive intuition which helped me get crystal clear on who I serve and what I stand for which resulted in a 30% increase in revenue! 

Shivany Gonell



Tanya Lochner is an Intuitive Business Strategist & Success Coach using her more than two decades experience in the business & finance world to help expert coaches, advisors and creatives to create a consistent 6-figure income & impact while aligning to their higher vision and purpose.


She infuses a unique style of business coaching and connecting higher guidance to align you and your business to its full potential. 

Mom to three human and four fur kids, she lives in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa where she loves drinking tea, playing with horses and spending time with her family outdoors.

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